Social Media Advertising Services

ACS is a leading social media marketing agency with a focus on driving impactful business growth through social media services. Whether you are looking to enhance your brand’s social media presence or drive targeted leads through social media advertising, our team is ready to help you hit your goals.

1 social network

  • up to 4 unique ads
  • up to 2 advertising campaigns
  • up to 4 monthly advertising copy tweaks
  • ad account setup and optimization

Rs.8,000 initial investment

2 social network

  • up to 6 unique ads
  • up to 3 advertising campaigns
  • up to 6 monthly advertising copy tweaks
  • ad account setup and optimization

Rs.12,000 initial investment

3 social network

  • up to 8 unique ads
  • up to 4 advertising campaigns
  • up to 8 monthly advertising copy tweaks
  • ad account setup and optimization

Rs.15,000 initial investment

Social Media Services that Grow Brand Awareness

Social media advertising services have become an integral part of social strategy for businesses across industries. As algorithms change, businesses can diversify strategies to reach the right people at just the right time with social advertising.

Each social advertising platform has its unique way of reaching people and each has its own advantages. Businesses in almost any industry can benefit from the use of social advertising to engage, inform, and convert their specific audience.

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I would highly recommend ACS for social media management. The team at ACS is very professional, their article writing is top-notch and their social team provides very positive results.
Nirmala Adhikari
Manager, NGO
In our short time working with ACS, we've seen tremendous growth in our brand awareness on social media.
Sanjay Shrestha
Owner, Cafe

Transparent Social Media Advertising Services

Standard Consultation & Reporting (Monthly)PRICING

Number of Unique Adsup to 4up to 6up to 8up to 10up to 12
Number of Advertising Campaigns/Target Audiencesup to 2up to 3up to 4up to 5up to 6
Number of Unique Custom Advertising Images (ACS Design Team) 124810
Social Media Remarketing Campaign & Ad01111
Monthly Advertising Targeting & Copy Tweaksup to 4up to 6up to 8up to 10up to 12
Demographic Targeting02244
Keywords, Interest, User Intent Targeting01122
School/Profession/Workplace Targeting
Company Size, Industry, Job Title, etc. Targeting
Custom Image Compression & Delivery of Source Files
Mobile Device Optimized Ads
Installation of Network Tracking Pixels on Website
Dedicated Social Media Advertising Account Manager
48 Business Hour Response Time
Up to 1 personal Social Media Consultations per Month
Standard ACS Monthly Reporting & Analysis
Ad Account Setup & Optimization
Initial Campaign Investment - Month 1Rs.8,000Rs.12,000Rs.15,000Rs.18,000Rs.21,000
Ongoing Monthly Campaign Investment
(Standard Advertising Consultation and Reporting)
Recommended Third-Party Ad Spend
(Standard Advertising Consultation and Reporting)
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Should I use a social media advertising agency?

One of the largest expenses associated with social media advertising services for your business can be hiring someone to do your campaign in-house. This means you have to add another person to payroll, and pay them for their social media advertising services. Effective social media advertising requires creating copy, graphics, videos, optimizing campaigns and content, monitoring, and reporting.

The constantly changing nature of social media also means that those in the field must stay up to date with the latest tools, trends, and advertising policy updates. Social media advertising companies are dedicated to staying on top of social trends and policies that lead to successful campaigns.

When considering whether or not to make someone on your current team your social media advertising guru, you should consider how much you have in your budget, whether you have the resources to teach them the tricks of the trade, and how fast you want results.

If you’re looking for someone that can jump in right away to help your business create a fantastic social media advertising campaign, going with an agency is your best bet. They know what they’re doing, and can likely get you the results you’re looking for with their expertise and knowledge. It also saves you the trouble of adding someone to your team.

It’s important that a social media advertising company offers several pricing package options that can be tailored to your needs. Here at ACS, we have a variety of options, proven results, and the social media advertising experts who can determine the best strategy to fit your budget.

When choosing a social media advertising agency, be sure to know if they will provide detailed reporting and communication about campaign results. To gauge the performance of your social media advertising campaign, ACS will provide extensive social media advertising reporting and performance updates.

ACS offers monthly and weekly reporting options depending on your social media advertising needs. You’ll know exactly what is happening with your advertising campaigns.

A social media advertising company should be able to tell you metrics like how many people saw your campaign, what actions they took after they saw the advertisement, and how they will use targeting to make sure the people who will act are the people most likely to see the campaign!

Who uses social media advertising?

Whether you’re selling business-to-consumer or business-to-business, social media advertising services can help your company. Social media is accounting for 40% of time spent online as of September 2019. It is a wise decision to target people directly where they enjoy spending their time.


Social Media Advertising


ACS will combine many different social media advertising services that creates a campaign that is tailored to your business model. Whether your goals are to drive conversions, increase your brand awareness, or increase engagement with your audience, social media advertising services are versatile. We can find the best approach for your business. The strategy will include applicable content that is up to date with current marketing trends and will always consider the unique aspects of your business that set you apart from competitors.

Which platform should I choose for social media advertising?

While there are many social media advertising platforms on the Internet that offer paid advertising options, it’s important to choose the platform that will allow you to reach a relevant audience. When it comes to your campaign there are some big players in the game that should be considered. These networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

ACS social media advertising services

Keep reading and explore more information about these platforms via the links below:

Social Media Advertising


Facebook is currently, and most likely will remain, the biggest social media advertising platform. There are 1.73 billion daily active users on Facebook as of March 30, 2020. Facebook is widely recognized as the leader in social media advertising trends. Facebook advertising works for just about every business and is a great place to start with social advertising. Facebook offers social media advertising companies and businesses to reach audiences based on the campaign objectives. A few options include campaigns to drive awareness, engagement, traffic, conversions, store visits, and many more.

Facebook currently allows users to post ads using photo, video, carousel, slideshow, and Canvas:

  • Carousel is a feature that allows users to show up to 10 images or videos and links within one advertisement. This allows advertisers to direct people to multiple places on their website with one creative.
  • Slideshow is a feature that allows users to create video advertisements from still images.
  • Canvas is a tool that advertisers can use to create immersive advertisements using photo, video, text, carousels, product feeds, and more, all in one streamlined page. This page lives in the Facebook app, making it a very fast and seamless experience for the user. Each one of these tools offers benefits depending on the goal of the advertising campaign and what content is available to the advertiser.

In addition to a variety of ad formats, Facebook offers targeting options that allow advertisers to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. Thanks to its wide, Facebook can also target users based on where people shop, travel, and much more!


Instagram is owned by Facebook, so their advertising systems are similar. Instagram introduced advertising in 2015 and it’s seen growth ever since. In fact, the number of Instagram ads increased by 28% when comparing July 2017 to December 2017.

Visuals are one of, if not the most, important element of an Instagram advertising campaign creative. It doesn’t matter if you are selling the best product in the world with the best customer service, if you have poor visuals, your Instagram campaign will suffer.

Instagram ads can be in the same format as Facebook: photo, video, carousel, slideshow, and Canvas. Instagram also allows users to structure a campaign based on the campaign objective, such as website clicks, conversions, app installs, engagements, video views, and awareness. Instagram advertisers can target their ads the same way as Facebook ads.


There are over 330 million monthly active Twitter users tweeting away and scrolling through their feeds. Twitter offers several forms of paid advertisements to reach these users. Twitter advertisers have the option to select the objective they want to achieve for their business, whether that be increasing traffic, engagement, awareness, video views, followers, app installs, or app re-engagements.

Like Facebook, Twitter also offers targeting for paid advertisements based on location, gender, languages, device, platform, and carrier. Twitter has two distinct differences from most other social platforms. Twitter includes targeting by keywords to reach people based on their Pinterest searches. Twitter also includes an option to target people who are similar to users who follow specific accounts. For example, if you want to target people who are like people who follow your competitors, you could include your competitors’ Twitter accounts in the target audience. It’s important to know that you are not targeting the specific followers of these accounts. You are targeting users who are like those followers.


Pinterest reached over 200 million monthly active Pinterest users as of September 2017. Pinterest advertising offers campaigns based on an advertising objective.

Pinterest advertising objectives include awareness, engagement, traffic, app downloads, and video awareness. Additionally, Pinterest offers a few different ways to shape audience targeting.

Advertisers can target audiences based on interests and keywords. When targeting by interests, Pins will show in users’ home and category feeds based on a user’s past interests and on the topic of the category. Advertisers can select from a variety of interest categories, each with additional segments. When targeting by keywords, advertisers can select phrases and words that would be similar to what a user is searching. This targeting places Pins in a user’s search results. It is best practice to include both keywords and interests in a campaign to reach people in both places.

Pinterest also offers custom engagement or email list targeting and some demographic information. Demographic information, such as location targeting, are more limited than other platforms.


LinkedIn offers advertisers three different ad products depending on the goals of a campaign: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Text Ads. Sponsored Content places content in the LinkedIn feed. Sponsored InMail sends content to LinkedIn users via a message to their inbox. Text ads are delivered in locations around the LinkedIn feed on a desktop.

LinkedIn’s targeting particularly shines when it comes to employee and company-specific targeting. Industry, position, seniority, and company size are a few ways LinkedIn allows businesses to hone in on a target audience in addition to age and location demographics.


With over 1.3 billion users, YouTube has become more than a place to watch videos – it serves as the world’s second most visited search engine behind Google.

Social media advertising companies recommend YouTube advertising for businesses who have short videos advertisements ranging from 6 to 15 seconds to be used in TruView in-stream ads. These advertisements appear before a user watches the intended video. A social media advertising company might also recommend YouTube advertising for companies that have longer video advertisements that would appear in search results called TruView discover ads.

If a business has either of these assets to use in YouTube ads, it can target the ads to people based on demographics, interests, and keywords.


Snapchat has 187 million daily active users with 71% aged 34 and under. If your audience is under 34 years of age, Snapchat is a great place for your social media budget.

Snapchat offers three ways to create ads: Snap Ads, Filters, and Lenses. Snap ads appear when a user scrolls through their friends’ Stories. Filters are sponsored graphics that users can find when swiping through options to select an overlay on their own photo or video. These are often used for events at a specific location. Lenses also overlay a photo or video but can be designed to affect or alter the image and video of the user.

How to choose a social media advertising agency that's right for you

With so many agencies out there, it can be hard to choose the perfect one for your business. But don’t worry — it doesn’t have to be difficult! Follow our three tips to make the search easy.


If you’re a small business that really wants to make an impact with social media advertising services, it’s crucial to find an agency that provides the services you’re looking for. For example, if you want someone to run your social campaigns for you, make sure that the agencies you’re considering offers that service.


The best social media advertising agencies in the world will publish their pricing. Why? They don’t want to waste their time, or any potential clients’ time. When an agency doesn’t provide transparent pricing, it could mean that they have hidden costs associated with their services, or that they don’t have a concrete pricing system. However, when an agency does provide transparent pricing, it means that they’re truly interested in finding serious potential clients. It also means that they want you to be informed right away about budget, and what to expect to pay for their social media advertising services.


You should never settle on the first social media agency that you look into. Researching a lot of options not only gives you the ability to choose, but it allows you to get a sense for a realistic budget, learn about services that you may not have been aware of, and get to know a lot of different agencies. You should also be sure to get to know the company before signing on the dotted line. Do research on the results they’ve driven for clients, on their agency history, and other important factors.

ACS offers transparent social media advertising prices

We post our social media advertising pricing because we’re a social media advertising agency that believes in transparency. Our reasonable social media advertising options give us the opportunity to cover the needs of several businesses based on specific goals. Our social media advertising services can accommodate anyone from a small business owner to a large corporation with varying social ad spend budgets.